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The Tectonic Leadership Programs Tectonic Leadership Workshop for Middle East Conflict Transformation A Five-Day Leadership Retreat The Five-Day Tectonic Leadership Retreat is a combination of documentaries, lectures, individual and group exercises on past and current events, with the addition of field trips to the Arab American museum, the Charles Wright African American Museum, the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Holocaust Memorial Center, all strategically designed to create pairs of leaders from opposite sides of the conflict – leaders fully committed to transforming the conflict. The program consists of the following:
Day I Giving Voice to Our Fears and Judgments
Through a series of thought-provoking questions, we will give the participants an opportunity to focus on their deeply held beliefs about themselves and the other, examine their judgments and expectations of the other, and explore the numerous barriers to peace: psychological, ideological, sociological, and motivational.
Day II Advocating for Self
Through group and individual exercises, participants will experience the power and limitations of advocating for self. These exercises will demonstrate what happens when one holds on to a core belief, and advocates for that belief instead of focusing their attention on the issues that need to be resolved. 
Day III Paradoxical Approach to Problem Solving
Participants will be introduced to the paradoxical approach to problem solving.  The process will begin by a review of the dual narratives, based on documented references and personal stories. Participants will be challenged to express both sides of the Middle East narratives, using their differences to create a common intent.
Day IV Applying Tectonic Leadership
Participants, as pairs of leaders, will practice "Tectonic Leadership" with real life issues and policies, practice problem solving, speaking and listening from both sides of the conflict on key issues while addressing the barriers to peace.
Day V Pairing for Tectonic Leadership
In this final stage of the program, participants from opposite sides will form leadership pairs for sustained transformation and explore how their creative ideas can generate seismic shifts and create a tipping point for peace.
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