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The Tectonic Leadership Center The Tectonic Leadership Center Objectives The Tectonic Leadership Center develops and trains existing and potential leaders under a leadership platform governed by the three disciplines and commitments of Tectonic Leadership. The Tectonic Leadership Center will act as a clearing house, setting new communication standards; a place where explosive events will be reported and analyzed by pairs from opposite sides of the conflict - committed to transform the conflict. The Tectonic Leadership Center becomes a venue for inspiring creative solutions. Under this leadership platform, the Tectonic Leadership Center is developing programs that target key aspects of society, influencing locally and globally, personally and collectively, such as: Universities and Educational Institutions, Interfaith Organizations, Peace & Dialogue Groups, Businesses, Government, and Media. The Tectonic Leadership Center will provide workshops, seminars, retreats, and coaching. Additional workshops and training programs from other groups or institutions will be considered if they bring additional value or complement in-house programs.
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