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Meet Samia Moustapha Bahsoun After earning a graduate degree in Electrical Engineering, Samia spent most of her adult life building telecommunications networks throughout the world, first as a Research Engineer at Bells laboratories, then as a Telecom Executive and a Serial Entrepreneur in the Telecom sector. Of Lebanese Muslim descent, born and raised in Dakar (Senegal), an American immigrant since 1979, a U.S. and Lebanese Citizen, conversant in Arabic, English, Farsi, French, Spanish, and Wolof (Senegalese dialect), Samia has been exposed and sensitized at an early age to issues of race, ethnicity, faith, gender, and politics, becoming at age of 14, an ardent Palestinian rights advocate and anti-Israel militant.  In 1987, 5 years after the loss of her grandmother and grandaunt to Israeli raids on Southern Lebanon, Samia entered for the first time in a dialogue with Israelis and American Jews as part of a Foundation for Middle East workshop she eventually facilitated. Few years later, Samia sadly witnessed the rapid dismantlement of the Foundation, the escalation of violence in the region, and the loss of hope for any reconciliation, causing her to detach from the political scene. In 2009, Samia met Brenda Rosenberg: two years of challenging conversations between two women from opposite sides of the Middle East conflict; they created together the Tectonic Leadership Center and developed a Tectonic Leadership curriculum. Their pilot program, Tectonic Leadership for Middle East Conflict Transformation, will be presented in May 2011 in partnership with the University of Michigan Dearborn. Samia is a member the Monmouth Dialogue Group; an advisory board member of the Main Street Alliance of NJ. She serves on the board and is the Executive Committee President of the International Telecommunications Council for Lebanon (ITCL); and is an Executive Liaison and Advisor to the South Asia, Middle East and North Africa (SAMENA) Telecommunications Council. She currently resides in New Jersey.
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