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Why We Need a New Form of Leadership "We can either learn to live together as brothers and sisters or perish together as fools." MLK “We are at a critical moment in history - we can choose to self-destruct or be in the presence of our humanity.” SB & BR What is Tectonic Leadership? Tectonic Leadership is a vehicle for developing pairs of leaders from opposite sides of the conflict to take joint ownership in transforming the conflict - pairs facing challenges together, pairs finding solutions together. Tectonic Leadership uses earth tectonics as a metaphor by recognizing that human interactions in situations of conflict are like fault lines between tectonic plates; plates interacting and building friction at their boundaries,  causing earthquakes to occur when the natural elasticity of surrounding rocks has been exceeded. Human interactions can similarly create fault systems that separate nations, create fear and hate, destroy businesses and communities, oppress people, and instigate wars. A New Relational Architecture The Tectonic Leadership Center will provide the foundation for a "New Relational Architecture", a foundation that can sustain the seismic shift inherent to our civilization. Tectonic leadership provides us with the structure, discipline and commitment to access the full potential of our humanity. The Three Disciplines & Commitments of Tectonic Leadership 1: Tectonic Leaders lead in pairs from opposite sides of the conflict and take joint ownership in transforming the conflict. Tectonic leaders commit to expand their boundaries and create a shared congruent identity without changing their core beliefs, holding each other co-accountable to co-determine a future of sustainable co- existence. 2: Tectonic Leaders do not avoid the tension surrounding the conflict; they utilize the tension to transform it –Tectonic Leaders know that tension, generated by mistrust, lack of respect, unmet expectations, denial of identity, targeted aggression, and current events, is seldom eradicated. Tectonic Leaders utilize the tension by re-directing the attention to serve both self and other. Tectonic Leaders do not focus on advocating, defending and serving only one side - a focus that increases tension, deepens divides, polarizes positions, prolongs pain, and can lead to death and destruction. Tectonic leaders commit to a level of integrity that cares equally about self and other – seeking solutions together. 3: Tectonic Leaders lead consciously through the lens of “evolution” and not through the lens of “survival” – The paradox of survival is that it is ultimately self-destructive; survival resides in fear and the instinct to protect, often subconscious. While self protection makes “common sense”, it is based on holding on to the footprint of the past. The evolutionary mindset, on the other hand, goes “beyond common sense”; it is fueled by creativity, accesses a higher level of consciousness, and resides in hope, posterity, and a willingness to walk a path where there are no footprints.
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